republican candidates

Donald J. Trump

Good morning America! It's me, the greatest president of the decade. I am running for re-election against Silly Old Joe and I need your support to keep old senile men like him at mental facilities. For the last four years, I made America great again. Look at the stock markets, they are all at their all time highs. Look at Black and Hispanic unemployment rates, lowest of all time. I am a man for the people who was elected by the people. With your help, America can experience another four years of greatness, instead of the hell Silly Joe Biden is going to bring us. With my administration, we have the best employment rates, lowest taxes, greatest healthcare, and America is no longer being extorted by CHINA. Silly Joe will sell your rights overseas, while I will protect them within our own safe borders.

This November, it is your decision to choose between the greatest president America has ever seen or a man who did absolutely nothing in Washington for 47 years and struggles to form a complete sentence!

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Mike R. Pence

Hello America. I, Mike Pence, am running alongside President Donald J. Trump for re-election as your Vice President of this great country. For years, Democrats have been depleting our nation of its resources. Together, President Trump and I shall usher 4 more years of economic prosperity, record-low taxes and unemployment rates, and the greatest healthcare America has ever seen. Despite the left's attempts to undermine our country, you, my fellow Americans, have the power to maintain the greatest achievements in this land of freedom. Your ballots on election day shall determine the sovereignty and equilibrium in our sacred nation.

Please, don't forget to vote this election day, as the freedom of our country is at jeopardy.

John Cummings

Hello everyone! I am John Cummings and I am running to be your next representative for the 14th Congressional District of New York. My profound love for the city can’t be expressed in words. I grew up in the Bronx and have experienced the best and worst times this historic city has faced, everything from small robberies to murder. Following in the steps of my father who served in the NYPD for 21 years, I understand the need for non-racial and strict law enforcement especially when it concerns the lives and well-being of those that we hold dear. In a similar light, I’m all for fostering a healthy relationship between the public and authorities because we can’t allow police brutality nor the criminals walking free on the roads. Likewise, we need to allow the decisions for patient care remain in the hands of the patients versus Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's radical Medicare for All plan. As understood by this unprecedented pandemic, it’s urgent that we increase essential healthcare workers and advance in biomedical equipment to meet the needs of our patients. Concerning the flawed transportation system, we have to ensure no federal infrastructure bill will aggravate or bring more congestion to our current transportation system. We have to regulate better timings and delays on our metro system increasing time efficiency. While it’s important to discuss all matters concerning contemporary times, we should not neglect the future of our country: education for our children. In addition to being an officer, I have also served as a high school history teacher in the Bronx. Working alongside parents, local politicians, and different educational organizations, the emphasis on local education has been undermined for some time now. We can’t compare students on a standard scale nationwide because everyone holds different needs, desires different resources, and learns in abstract ways. Thus, it’s only reasonable that we invest in the future of our children and work to benefit the livelihoods of all immigrants, citizens, and those who believe in the American dream.

Nicole Malliotakis

Hi, my name is Nicole Malliotakis and I’m running to be your congresswoman! I was born and raised by my immigrant parents here in New York City. I’ve served five terms as assemblywoman in the State Assembly and am very experienced in public office. If I’m elected your congresswoman, I will not only advocate for your rights and your wallets, but I will also advocate for those without a voice--the animals. I will push to pass legislation protecting vulnerable animals, as well as advance our state’s measures in ensuring a cleaner, better New York for all of us. So remember, on election day, take control and vote Nicole!

Joann Ariola

Hello, my name is Joann Ariola, and I am the Republican candidate running for Queens Borough President. As a grandmother, I care deeply about the well-being of not only my generation, but the ones which will run Queens in the future. My policies aim to keep Queens safe and protect the people around us. I care about building stronger relationships between the police and communities, as well as supporting small businesses during this pandemic and closing neighborhood jails. I hope to work to make a safer Queens for all. If you need a helping hand, ask Joann!

democratic candidates

Joseph R. Biden

Joe Biden is running as the Democratic Presidential nominee in the 2020 presidential election! He is a proud member of the Democratic Party, a former senator of Delaware, and was elected Vice President of the United States alongside former president Barack Obama, and has been involved within the government for half a century! With government experience dating from 1970 to 2020, Joe Biden balances his busy campaign and professional life with his family. Joe plans on uplifting the needs of working- and middle-class Americans, and making sure everyone’s voices are heard in our democracy. Joe has been through a great deal of tragedy from his first wife and daughter passing away in a car crash, to his son, Beau, passing of brain cancer, which has only made Biden more compassionate and kind towards the general public, something that is clear within his own mission statements: We've got to rebuild the backbone of the country, we’ve got to demonstrate respected leadership on the world stage, and finally, we've got to make sure our democracy includes everyone! As the 44th U.S. President said, "The best thing about Joe is that when we get everybody together, he really forces people to think and defend their positions, to look at things from every angle, and that is very valuable for me." During an incredibly difficult time under our current President, it is important now than ever to make the right choice on election day: Voting for Biden to unite for a better America!

Kamala D. Harris

Kamala Harris is running for Democratic Vice Presidential nominee in the 2020 presidential election. Growing up Kamala looked up to role models like Thurgood Marshall, Constance Baker Motley, and Charles Hamilton Houston and learned what kind of person it takes to stand up to the powerful, and swore to spend her life advocating for those who could not defend themselves. Kamala went on to get an undergraduate degree from Howard University and a law degree from the University of California and from there she became non-stop. Following that Kamala went on to become the second African-American woman and first South Asian American in California to be elected Attorney General. One of her signature accomplishments as Attorney General was creating Open Justice, an online platform to make criminal justice data available to the public. The database helped improve police accountability by collecting information on the number of deaths and injuries of those in police custody. Overall, Kamala's mission started out as fighting for the rights of all communities in California, but now it has expanded into something much greater. Since taking office, she has introduced and cosponsored legislation to raise wages for working people, reform our broken criminal justice system, make healthcare a right for all Americans, address the epidemic of substance abuse, support veterans and military families, and expand access to childcare for working parents. Kamala Harris is a woman fighting and will keep on fighting for the American people.

Alexandria O. Cortez

After years of working 18 hour days as a waitress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez emerged fighting for a better America. In 2018 she defeated former Representative Joe Crowley and became the youngest congresswoman. She’s currently running to continue to represent and fight for all of the people in the 14th congressional district. AOC has targeted the main issues people face in the district and has incorporated them into her platform to demonstrate her action plans. With endorsements from organizations such as Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood, the Environmental Defense Fund, and the American Medical Association, there is no doubt that AOC is the candidate for the people. She is more than ready to serve another term as Congressional District 14’s representative. As a congresswoman, she will be able to represent these people's needs in the federal government and create the necessary changes. IT’S YOUR TIME TO INTERVENE, VOTE AOC FOR DISTRICT 14!!!

Donovan Richards

Donovan Richards is the Democratic nominee for Queens Borough President. He plans to continue his work from his time on City Council from 2013 to 2017 to improve Queens. He has served as the chair for Environmental Protection and Public Safety. He will create more criminal justice reform so it is not so racially biased, and part of this will include police reform. He will keep ICE out of courts so immigrants will not be unfairly treated there. Affordable housing is also a priority, as he will improve renter’s rights and hold landlords accountable. Finally, he will get more funding for small businesses in Queens which have been disproportionately hurt in this pandemic. It’s time Queens got the president it deserved. Vote Richards to make Queens richer!

Max Rose

Incumbent Democratic Congressman Max Rose represents New York’s 11th Congressional District, which encompasses Staten Island and South Brooklyn. He is the second Democratic candidate to hold that seat and the first to unseat an incumbent Republican since 1981. He single handedly turned the most conservative NY District “blue”, and has continued to serve his people every single day since then. In 2012, Max served as an active duty officer in Afghanistan and earned a Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and Combat Infantry Badge. He then went on to work as Director of Public Engagement and Special Assistant to the late Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson and later became Chief of Staff for Brightpoint Health, a non-profit healthcare organization. During his Congressional term, he focused on improving transportation in his district, fighting the opioid crisis, making healthcare more affordable for veterans, and uprooting corruption in Washington. As the first post-9/11 veteran to represent New York City, Max currently serves on the House Committee on Homeland Security, the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, and the National Guard. He is a no-nonsense candidate that does not play by political party or by political gain, but instead prioritizes serving and properly representing his constituents. Take it to the polls, vote Rose!