NY Governor/Lieutenant Governor

Andrew Cuomo/Kathy Hochul (Democratic Party)

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Andrew Cuomo is the Democratic candidate running for governor. After 7 years in office, Governor Cuomo has proven himself the most effective and capable choice to advocate for the interests of the people of this state. Despite having a majority Republican State Senate, Governor Cuomo has succeeded at passing groundbreaking legislation such as one of the first marriage equality bills in the country, a $15 minimum wage, and the Excelsior Scholarship for free college tuition. With your support, we can continue making historical progress for the people of New York and achieve a brighter, better New York together. On Election Day, vote for the only candidate who Gets the Job Done!

Kathy Hochul is the Democratic candidate running for Lieutenant Governor of New York State. She has been serving as the Lieutenant Governor since 2015. Born and raised to an Irish blue-collar family in Buffalo, New York, Kathy understands and empathizes with the people of her state. She has been involved with public service and activism for years, working as an aide to Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, as a member of her Town Board, as a Erie County Clerk, and as a Member of Congress. With all her experience, Kathy is more than qualified to continue in her position as lieutenant governor. From fighting to protect the Affordable Care Act to pushing for the acceptance of the LGBT community, Kathy has been upholding and will continue to uphold progressive values that benefit the people. The issues that working families and women face are some that are especially important to Hochul. Hochul has been in office for many years, and this is not simply by coincidence; it is because she gets the job done.

Marcus Molinaro/Julie Killian (Republican Party)

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Marcus Molinaro is the Republican candidate for governor. A Red Hook resident, he has over 20 years of political experience in various parts of New York legislature. He now serves as the Executive of Dutchess County, after he served as a member of the New York Assembly from the 103rd district. He believes in policies that are “American,” looking down upon recent actions taken such as the separation of families at the U.S. border. It is notable that he openly stated that he did not vote for Trump in the presidential election. Contrary to the Democrats’ image of him, Molinaro believes that Roe v. Wade is “established law” and that he would enforce abortion rights protected by law, but would not enforce the ability for late-term abortions. He is concerned about our environmental welfare, voting against “fracking” and supporting the Hudson River PCB cleanup. To him, LGBTQ+ protection are “basic civil rights.” Finally, he thinks that there is no place in politics for “big money” and that everyone deserves to contribute to the “conversation of the NRA.” His experience and life in the New York legislature makes him a candidate that will fight for what you need.

Julie Killian is the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor. She is a resident of Rye City in Westchester County and was a former Rye City Deputy Mayor and Council Member with 6 years of experience. Killian is a strong supporter of small businesses and believes that economic growth will come from encouraging small businesses and cutting taxes across the board. She is also a personal believer of education and hard work. Killian is an example of her belief in hard work: in order to get to her current position, hard work was a must. Furthermore, Killian is committed to reforming the government, in a fight against corruption, so the people are not suffering from their actions. Finally, as a Republican, whose parents were Democrats, she pays no attention to party labels; Killian cares for issues being addressed. With her experience, she is the candidate to vote for and she will fight against the challenges facing the state.

NY Comptroller

Thomas P. DiNapoli (Democratic Party)

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Thomas DiNapoli is the 54th comptroller of New York state , with an abundance of experience; DiNapoli started the job relatively young, being the first 18 year old in New York State to hold public office when he was elected as a trustee of the Mineola Board of Education! He was later on elected to the New York State Assembly where he represented the 16th district. After being elected comptroller in 2007, he was re-elected twice more in both 2014 and 2016. He’s done the job and he’s done it well! When DiNapoli was initially appointed as state Comptroller in 2007, the office was tainted with corruption and embezzlement. But with pure dedication and integrity, he has time and time again restored the noble reputation of the office through correction of fraud and government inefficiency. He helped restore more than $50 million dollars of stolen taxpayer money, resulting in over 200 arrests that led to pure justice for the general public! As a partner with the attorney general office, DiNapoli created the Joint Task Force on Public Integrity to prevent fraud and instill trust within communities. With your support, we can strive for an America that truly defends and protects the people, not just the powerful. Vote DiNapoli, live happily!

Jonathan Trichter (Republican Party)

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Jonathan Trichter is an intelligent and experienced individual who is running to be the next New York State Comptroller. He has served as a policy director for the Harry Wilson campaign as well as a public finance expert for JP Morgan Chase and has the experience that he needs to serve the public. He will work to achieve each of his goals and make good on his promises by sticking to his policies and relying on his experience. He will save billions each year for the New York State economy and dissolve the inequity that currently plagues the pension system. He also intends to bring to light any corruption that currently exists. So remember, vote Trichter, he’s a problem fixer.

NYS Attorney General

Letitia James (Democratic Party)


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Letitia James is a strong and hard-working individual who wants nothing more than to see the residents of New York flourish economically and unite as a whole. As public advocate, she made her voice heard in issues such as affordable housing and criminal injustice. As attorney general, she will be able to accomplish much more by enforcing more of her ideas that will better the city. If elected, she will not only fight this state's corruption, but she will also fight for rights of the working class.

Keith Wofford (Republican Party)

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My name is Keith Wofford, I am an independent Republican candidate running for Attorney General. I started a law firm that helps recover the money for big businesses that refuse to pay their debts which have helped settle over billions of dollars for my clients. As I worked through the law I became aware of the corruption between the big businesses and the government which has led me to challenge this corruption and makes it my first priority when I become the next attorney general. However I also major plans for the small and local businesses that have been diminishing due to these companies. I plan to not only rebuild the foundation of our government but also the economy and society.

U.S. Senate NY

Kirsten Gillibrand (Democratic Party)


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Chele Farley (Republican Party)


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Chele Chiavacci Farley is running for the United States Senate to provide every New York family with the opportunity to succeed. Chele intends to reduce taxes on New Yorkers and invest in the state’s crumbling roads and bridges and to fix the nation’s largest mass transportation system, which will promote the state’s long-term economic health. She was inspired by her parents to work hard, succeed and help others. Chele’s interest in mathematics and science led her to major in Industrial Engineering at Stanford University and influenced her commitment to expand educational opportunities in these challenging subjects for all children. After graduating from Stanford, Chele joined the financial services industry in New York, where she has lived for the last twenty-five years. She worked at UBS Capital and Goldman Sachs before joining Mistral Capital International, where Chele is responsible for sourcing, executing and overseeing principal investments around the world. To provide students from all backgrounds with the opportunity to receive an outstanding college education, Chele was the Co-Chair of the East Coast Advisory Board of Questbridge, which partners with 40 prestigious universities and has sent over 10,000 talented low-income students to these schools free of charge. Chele Farley and her husband, Richard, are raising three sons. Chele served as the New York State Republican Party’s New York City Finance Chair.

U.S. Congress 24th District

Dana Balter (Democratic Party)

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Dana Balter is the Democratic candidate running for the 24th district congressional seat. She is experienced with serving the people and unlike most other candidates she has worked in the board of education serving as a special needs teacher and built herself up. Balter is serious about equality for all, whether that be in the criminal justice system, developing the quality of the educational system, and even in the workforce. She is also strongly pushing for a livable working wage, affordable healthcare, and a 100% green energy economy. Balter wants to bring power back in the hands of the people. For her, the 24th district seat it is not about the power. It’s about standing up for the rights of the people. Don’t forget, on election day vote Balter she won’t falter!

John Katko (Republican Party)

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I am Republican John Katko, representing New York’s 24th district in the House of Representatives since 2015. As an experienced congressman, I know what it takes to get the job done. If elected, I will continue to move forward with my active plans that has previously specifically benefited New York. Along with this, I plan to incorporate new ideas that can push for a better state to live as, as well as a better person country. Vote John Katko, I will bring in that cash flow.

U.S. Congress 14th District

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Democratic Party)

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My name is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I’m a child of a working class Puerto Rican Immigrant family; I’m a hard worker; I’m from the Bronx and I’m your District 14 democratic candidate for Congress. In my campaign, I will work toward providing a better America for all of us: Universal health care, prison reform, stricter gun control, job guarantees, and tuition free public universities are just some of the issues I will work to reform as a congresswoman.

I am endorsed by progressive and civil rights organizations such as MoveOn, Justice Democrats, Brand New Congress, Black Lives Matter, and Democracy for America. Additionally, I support the LGBTQ community. I would also like to change the immigration system in our country, namely disabling ICE, a system that is quickly adopting a dangerous paramilitary tone in our country.

Joseph Crowley (Working Families)

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Hey there! This is Joseph Crowley running for New York City’s 14th congressional district under the Working Families Party. I am a Queens native who has been involved in the city’s politics for almost two decades. Through my extensive background experience as a New York congressman, I believe I have what it takes to run this district. Formerly, I represented the Democratic Party as a 7th and 14th district congressperson. However, due to this year’s primary elections, my seat was rightfully superseded by the great Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez through her enormous efforts. Thus, I will now be a candidate with the Working Families Party (WFP) under their beliefs for true economic improvement for the middle class. Leaning towards the left, I will still run on my own behalf but I do also support Ms. Cortez’s campaign because of a promise I made. Ultimately, despite whoever you vote for, keep in mind that we all have your best interests in mind. Under such times of turmoil and calamity with the Trump administration, we have to try our best to do what’s right.

Antony Pappas (Republican Party)

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I am Republican running for the 14th Congressional District of New York,I would like to work on decreasing government spending, ultimately reducing the tax burden. Also implementing a progressive tax which taxes the wealthy at a higher rate than the middle class and those below the poverty line.

Elizabeth Perri (Conservative Party)

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My name is Elizabeth Perri, and I’m running on behalf of District 14 for the U.S. Congress House of Representatives. I am part of the Conservative party, and I have many plans to help the people if elected to Congress. Some of my main goals are to put more funding into schools, help get the country out of debt, help the growth of small businesses, and create more jobs in the community. So remember, on Election Day, Eliza-Beth, is the Eliza-best!

NYS Senate 16th District

Toby Ann Stavisky (Democratic Party)

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I’m Toby-Ann Stavisky and I am the democratic candidate running 16th district NY state senator! I strongly support the LGBTQ community and womens’ rights AND higher education for working class students. For the past 19 years, I have been trying to make YOUR lives easier. YOUR problems are MY problems. Therefore, I need YOUR support on election day. Remember, IT’S NOT TRICKY, VOTE STAVISKY.

Vincent Pazienza (Reform Party)

My name is Vincent Pazienza and I am a Reform Party candidate running for New York State Senate district 16. I believe that the Democratic and Republican parties, which currently dominate our governmental structure, have been corrupted by corporate interests. As a member of the Reform Party, I offer you, the people, a third option. I vow to establish a bond of trust between the people and their government by working as an honest official with an interest in economic responsibility and governmental reliability. So if you want me to win, vote for Vin.

NYS Assembly 23rd District

Stacey G. Pheffer Amato (Democratic Party)

Stacey Pheffer Amato is running for reelection to be District 23 New York State Assemblywoman. During her first term, she sponsored and passed multiple bills to support public service, veterans, small businesses, flood victims, and school safety. Having grown up committed to community involvement, she holds an extended background in both public advocacy and leadership positions such as President of her children’s school Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and Chair of the Child Product Safety Subcommittee. She hopes to continue to promote and prioritize the public welfare, and as a family woman, will work to maintain a safe and happy district for all.

Matthew Pecorino (Republican Party)


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