Special Interest Groups

Democratic Interest Groups/Super PACs


As the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), we represent over twelve million workers from fifty five national and international unions. We represent the true American interest, meaning hard working every-day people like you and your families. Our public and private sector affiliates make up a vast network to protect worker interests, and to improve labor conditions within the country. In just the past year alone, we’ve successfully passed legislation that addressed the gender pay disparity and made wage theft a federal offense. One example of our impact in just editorial careers is how Law360 set a 22% raise and 50,000 minimum salary for everyone in their newsroom. Another less financial change is the new policy adopted by Caesar’s casino in Vegas. Ceasar’s Entertainment’s five year contract addresses concerns about sexual harassment, immigration status, and job security. It covers housekeepers, bartenders, and other employees, totalling about 12,000 workers.

Emily's List/ Women VOte

We are Emily’s List -- Early Money is Like Yeast! We are a progressive interest group who seeks a government composed of more pro-choice Democratic women. We support these candidates with the hope that they will have an impact on economic equality, voting rights, health care and more. With great accomplishments, we have upward of 1,200 election successes. We raise money for pro-choice female candidates that have lacked funding, despite immense qualifications. The disparities among females and males in politics have driven our mission. We have empowered women candidates and given women donors unparalleled influence, among other accomplishments. We fight for all women, including your mothers, your sisters, and your daughters. Ultimately, we strive to create a powerful movement to enable the restoration of American progressive values. We also have a WOMEN VOTE! initiative that has encouraged millions of women to vote, since 1995. We support Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren for office. We hope you can support our community -- join the over five million!

Next Generation Climate Action

Hello Townsend Harris! We are Next Generation Climate Action, an interest group founded in 2013 by Tom Steyer, a former hedge-fund owner who is pledging to donate the majority of his wealth to charities looking to tackle the looming threat of climate change. We believe that this is one of the biggest issues facing the world at this moment, and we must stop the devastating effects that come with it. We are empowering young voters to voice their opinions at the polls and inspire change, because they deserve to have a say in their future. As of 2014, Next Generation Climate Action has 40 offices and contacted 1.4 million voters without message. Through past election cycles, we have supported mainly Democratic candidates who take a strong stance against climate change. These include gubernatorial and senate races in states like Virginia, Michigan, Iowa, New Hampshire and Colorado. On election day, register and vote for Democratic candidates who share our values of combating climate change and integrating young people into the political process. The next generation deserves a clean, sustainable environment in the place they call home.

United We Dream

United We Dream is a group of highly motivated youths who fight for the rights of immigrants across America. Founded in 2008, our ongoing goal has been to protect immigrants from any injustices they face in our country and advocate for policy changes to ensure equal opportunities. We strive to provide support for undocumented immigrants through accessible education and resources to help solidify their citizenship. We also advocate for our LGBTQ communities and feel that diversity is the essential foundation for our country. Comprised of over 400,000 members and attracting 4 million through online platforms, UWD holds youth-led campaigns across cities, states, and countries, and is making huge strides in improving the lives of immigrants across the United States.

black lives matter

We are Black Lives Matter: an organization focused on ending systematic oppression and violent crimes committed against black people by the state. We defend the lives of the disabled, undocumented, previously charged, and queer black folk of America. Our corporation regularly organizes protests against the killings of black people by law enforcement, broader issues of racial profiling, police brutality, and racial inequality in the United States criminal justice system. Our movement is all inclusive, with a vast variety of members from all over the world, possessing a wide array of beliefs. Black Lives Matter is a declaration of values, freedom, and aspiration. All lives can't matter until black ones do too.

never again msd*

We are a student-led political action committee formed in the aftermath of the 2018 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. We advocate for stricter gun legislation and the banning of assault rifles, so our children never again have to witness or endure such tragedies. We believe the threat of gun violence in schools can be eliminated through more comprehensive background checks for gun buyers. We believe every kid deserves the right to live, and we are fighting for every kid to have the ability to attend school without having to do lockdown drills and without the fear of losing their lives or the lives of their friends in a shooting.

Standing Up For California's Middle Class

Standing up for California’s middle class is a super PAC for Kamala Harris. We support her policies of income equality and to expand tax benefits for middle class and low income americans. We also support her raising minimum wage to $15/hour. Additionally we believe in subsidies for renters and homeowners. Our group’s policy aligns with those of Kamala Harris and we support ONLY her.

AMERICan Possibilities

Hello! We are the American Possibilities interest group. We are a political action committee, originated in Washington D.C., created by Democrat candidate Joe Biden in 2017. Our ultimate mission is to help raise funds to support Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. While we support all of the democratic candidates, we completely admire Biden’s political spirit and believe he is well qualified to become the next American president.

Republican Interest Groups/Super PACs

american family association

The American Family Association has a mission to strengthen the moral Christian foundations of American culture. We advocate for pro-family issues and believe in the preservation of proper family values. Media integrity and decency are the tenets of our organization in order to decrease the spread of vulgar themes and ideas. We hope to mobilize the citizens of the United States to speak out on cultural and moral issues surrounding our nation through boycotts of corporations whose ethical integrity is in question. We also advocate for the Second Amendment right to bear arms and the Pro-Life Movement. The American Family Association stands behind the views of the Republican Party and Mark Sanford.

America first Action

America First Action supports the policies of President Donald J. Trump. We support the right of every American to bear arms for hunting and self-defense without unnecessary regulations. To ensure law-abiding citizens are able to exercise their Second Amendment rights, it is of utmost importance to update necessary regulations and stop overregulation. We also believe that trade will raise living standards for Americans and promote job creation and innovation in the United States. For this, all nations and companies must obey the law and abide by international trade rules. The United States must use every means at its disposal to punish those who violate our laws and the rules of the international trading system. That includes imposing tariffs and limiting Chinese investments in the U.S. The future survival of the United States, our values and our way of life is at stake. We believe in expanding trade in ways that are fairer for all Americans. This will be done by fighting for fair and balanced trade deals, bringing jobs back to America’s shores, increase wages, and support U.S. manufacturing. We also support the ongoing bipartisan efforts to reform the criminal justice system. A well-functioning criminal justice system reduces crime, restores victims, uses taxpayer dollars in a cost-effective manner, reforms offenders and gives them a second chance at reintegrating as productive members of society. Finally, we believe our immigration system should serve the interests of American citizens and legal residents. Immigration to the U.S. is a privilege, not a right, and we should admit legal immigrants and non-immigrant temporary workers who share our values, speak our language and have the education and skills to contribute to the betterment of our nation and our people.

national rifle association

We are the National Rifle Association, commonly known as the “NRA,” and we’re regarded as America’s top defender of citizens’ 2nd Amendment rights. Our mission is to protect and defend the inalienable right stated in the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution that allows United States citizens to bear arms. Today, we are the top leader in firearms education across the world, promoting hunter safety, public safety, the growth and conservation of wildlife, and defending hunting as a shooting sport. Our special interest group is comprised of 5 million members who believe that this God-given right should be protected from infringement and trust the intentions of the founders of America. We will continue to fight for the citizens of the United States of America and for the improvement of our society. Just remember, guns don’t kill people, people kill people!

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american immigration Reform

The Federation for American Immigration Reform seeks solutions to help reduce the negative impact that uncontrolled immigration has on the nation’s security, economy, workforce, education, healthcare and environment. Our mission circles around reducing overall immigration to a more normal level by reducing immigration levels from over one million to 300,000 a year. This will not only allow America to manage growth but it will also address environmental concerns, and help maintain a high quality of life for its citizens. We believe that immigration, under proper limits, can be positive. Proper adherence to the law is necessary and central to successful assimilation and citizenship. We believe in respecting human rights and, as such, FAIR opposes policies based on favoritism toward, or discrimination against, any person based on race, color, religion, or gender. Remember...we fight the FAIR fight for immigration reform!

business roundtable

The Business Roundtable is an organization with four main priorities: healthcare, businesses and work fields, immigration, and education. Healthcare is an essential aspect of citizens' safety and wellbeing, and our goal is to provide an affordable, innovative, and efficient healthcare system. Through funding, we will make sure millions of citizens can have a healthcare plan as well as a retirement plan to ensure they thrive economically. In addition, our goal is to support small and regular sized businesses in order to level the playing field and equip all workers with innovation-ready skills that will keep the U.S. at the forefront of the world economy. In order to improve our economy, America needs to fix the broken immigration system. We agree that immigration is a net positive for the U.S. economy and so we need to protect the system for highly skilled workers; there must be top skilled workers in every field to ensure the optimal performance and expectancy from businesses. This way, immigrants can keep jobs while boosting the economy simultaneously. By advancing diversity and inclusion, Business Roundtable members are acting on their responsibility as leaders. America needs diversity to attract top global talents for businesses. Furthermore, to ensure a quality education, we are proposing the Higher Education Act (HEA), which increases access to high-quality, affordable education and on-the-job training for America’s students and workers. Informed and educated students are the key to America’s future so they should be a focus. All of our policies ensure that the American economy can continue to grow, thrive, and compete on an international level.

tea party

The Tea Party Movement is a fiscally conservative political movement which began in the early 2000’s as an evolved version of the Citizens for a Sound Economy. It’s name is in reference to the Boston Tea Party and is meant to highlight the party’s opposition to high taxation. The main agenda is to reduce government spending, lower national debt, prevent tax increases, limit the size of the federal government and more. The movement is run by various loosely affiliated groups as there is no set hierarchy. This is viewed as a benefit as the lack of central leadership prevents corruption and offers many diverse approaches to fulfilling the main missions. The Tea Party movement gained significant support during the Obama Administration as it called for preventing government sponsored health care such as Obamacare. While the movement tries to avoid involvement with social issues, topics like abortion, gun control and illegal immigration have been adressed. The Tea Party movement will continue to play a significant role in politics and in the conservative agenda in the upcoming election.

americans for prosperity

Americans for Prosperity is a conservative interest group prioritizing the economic interests of the average citizen. We educate people about current economic policies and encourage citizens to take an active role in advocating for changes in the public policy process. Our primary goal revolves around change in the government’s current method of handling fiscal policies and responsibilities in order to benefit the all of the common people, particularly the underrepresented middle class. We are rallying for legislation in favor of lowered taxes because we believe that before Congress implements more taxes, it should first implement spending reforms. Additionally, we believe that Congressional actions should never impede on competition or innovation. Americans for Prosperity also supports the concept of laissez-faire, in which the government maintains a focus on managing the federal deficit and preventing further overspending on welfare programs, which rarely cater to the interests of the general population. Americans for Prosperity is determined to find and implement long term solutions to reform these deep-rooted problems. As a non partisan interest group, we do not endorse a specific candidate. We believe that our goal of improving the United States economy on an individual and national level are beneficial towards all Americans, and not specific to one party. We’ve worked with organizations all across the political spectrum such as the American Civil Liberties Union, the Drug Policy Alliance, the American Conservative Union, Freedom Works and the Tea Party. Therefore, we look positively upon any candidate who is willing to lower taxes for the people and balance the federal budget rather than irresponsibly increase our national debt. It is a goal we believe all American people should rally behind, as we all can benefit from it. We seek to better our country by ameliorating the current state of our economy through legislation that positively affects our businesses. That means the implementation of a laissez-faire attitude from the government to decrease red tape that serves only to hinder our businesses.